About us

Acanthurus Technology© is a dedicated technical innovation company working in the fields of Technology Development and Transfer. For the European area, we represent the following two innovative technology areas:

  • j-NOVA © - Warming Technology
  • POLYNOVA © - Polymers with permanent antistatic properties

We, along with our partners at j-NOVA.WORKS.CO.,Ltd and Polynova Technology Ltd, introduce you to the worlds of Warming and Antistatic materials using the advanced nanotechnology areas.

Our Mission

The Acanthurus Technology © team aspires to integrate high tech innovations into daily life. In order to achieve this, we strive to turn our customers’ needs into reality. Using our ethical, sustainable and quality driven approach, our products are tailor made according to our customer requirements.

Our Products

j-NOVA ©

"Pioneers in the field of non-metallic warming technology"

Polynova ©

"Pioneers in the field of permanent antistatic and ESD materials"


Acanthurus Technology comes with top-of-the-line support teams to ensure that we provide the best experience for our customers

j-Nova ©

Who we are

The j-NOVA.WORKS © team focuses on the development of intelligent warming technology and its numerous applications. The first generation of non-metallic, award winning warming technology solutions were introduced in 2016, aiming to bring nanotechnology into real life.

Crossfunctional Team

The team at j-NOVA.WORKS © consists of expertise from the areas of Nano-tech, AI, design, textile development, and many more

The Future

The j-NOVA.WORKS © team strives towards permanent improvement, with an aim to balance technology with tradition. This enables us to integrate the latest innovations into daily life.


The Polynova© team has developed and successfully marketed a solution for permanent antistatic / ESD applications. The solution is the outcome of nanotechnology, and has been in the market for many years. Polynova© is one of the very few teams worldwide that has the knowledge to deliver permanent antistatic polymers in any color, even transparent. The technology is used in many applications. The team at Polynova© serves clients from various sectors, including major players in the global electronics market.

Existing Application Examples

Outdoor Clothing / Accessories

Automotive Industry

Electronics Industry /ESD


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Medical Industry


Military & Defense

Technical Textiles

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Meet Our Management Team

Carsten Wortmann
CEO, Acanthurus

email - cw@acanthurus-technology.com

Jennifer Odley
Director, Acanthurus

email - jo@acanthurus-technology.com

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